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Re: Training "Aiki" with Dan Harden

As George Ledyard clearly states, the totality of the expression in and for aikido has to be learned from within aikido to BE aikido. Anything else...just isn't aikido. These side trips to learn these skills will be nothing more than that.
Rob states:
1 - That quote doesn't seem to apply to how aikido was originally formed.

Interesting point isn't it. Is the evolution fixed in place and time?
Is it a version of Daito ryu as it was taught and practiced in Ueshiba's dojo?
Is it Ueshiba's "Aikido" totally new and complete?
Is it not his- and was created out of Kissomaru's understanding of what his dad was tryng to do?
Why did so many -like Tohei and Shioda go and train elsewhere to get the goods?
In consideration of the above-What has changed?
So, in the end will Aikido best be served by changes stemming from knowledge outside, in order to effect change from within?
It appears George's posts agree with that, at least on one level.
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