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Re: Breaking Balance in Eight Directions

[quote=David Skaggs;200433]Do you do it like this?

For the grade level of those two 1st kyu it was pretty good we are taught a slightly different variation in our dojo with 2 more techniqes 1 after the 7th technique in the video and 1 after the 14th technique of the video what was demonstrated is the formal Shodokan sequence and with the version im taught i beleive there has been some debate about it among some of the senior senseis of the Tomiki school my Sensei teaches what she does because it was taught to her by Tomiki Sensei himself so why would you leave anything out. We will hopefully have a vid on youtube in the near future i expect it should generate some interesting discussion and as I speak now am starting to prepare myself for demonstrating DaiYon next Saturday at the Opening Ceromony of our new Dojo and Futami Sensei President of the JAA will be present along with a couple of 7thDan Judoka God willing they will see the priciples of Happo no Kuzushi through at work throughout the demo.
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