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Re: Is it kokyu-nage if you don't use kokyu-power?

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
That's fine, Chris, that you "have to ask" that question, but that's not the original question.
I'm afraid I'm missing the distinction, you asked:
Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
The question is whether an *Aikido* technique called "kokyu nage" is a kokyu nage even if you don't use kokyu-power to do it with.
and I paraphrased:
Christian Moses wrote: View Post
To go back and answer your initial question however, "can kokyu-nage be done without kokyu?"
Those seem to roughly equivalent to me, perhaps I made a mistake by using the quotes, I was simply trying to isolate the question at hand, not put words in your mouth. Or is there a distinction that you feel need to be made between your initial inquiry and my paraphrase?

You seem to be making the point that there is a general confusion in Aikido circles about what "kokyu" actually is, but then expecting us to all answer your simple (and legitimate) question without offering a standard definition of "kokyu" that we can all refer to. I would really appreciate it if you could offer that. I understand that you have talked about this a lot, but if the concept is as clear and universal as you seem to be implying then it should be fairly simple for you to offer that. If I read you correctly, you seem to be saying that kokyu is a combination of timing, breath and jin is that correct?

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