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Re: why focus on internal power


My posts addressed the nature of physical power, how it influences mental-emotional-spiritual power, and how it functions and serves "real world" application.

I'm surprised that you, as a military man, would be able to disassociate yourself from what you surely know to be true about the nature of power, to the point that you wouldn't apply that understanding to Ueshiba.

As for my ability to assess what I observe, I'd say that Mike has touched on it closely enough. In addition to that, I once spent some years in academe studying human/primate social behavior and power dynamics, as part of a larger study of primate evolutionary ecology. Gotta say that you can learn a lot about the nature (human and otherwise) of power and benevolence in that field.
I am honestly not trying to be argumentative or challenging. Definitely NOT looking to "throw down" by any means.

As a military man, I deal with things in very clear and concise terms. That is Tasks, Conditions, Standards and clear defineable endstates.

I'd be happy to discuss at great lengths real world applications of such powers in a very objectifiable way. That is defining the parameters, conditions, constraints, and standards..that is a framework upon which we can discuss or demonstrate how these apply in the real world.

It can be anything from working with primates, mental applications, spiritual, or martially. I think martially is what most people are interested in.

I offer this in a geniune and honest way, not in a "prove it to me way". I am way past accepting this method of training as I have bought into it and I am trying to implement it.

My main goal is to synthesize it into my training and find practical real world application on a daily basis.

So naturally I am eager to meet and/or discuss with those that can provide me that insight.

Mike can attest that I am no where near being able to do or replicate these skills enough to do so, and I probably need to just shut up and do what he has very graciously spent time with me on and come back to him after I have done my homework (which I will).

But, when I hear that there are those that have knowledge, can articulate, and can demonstrate real world application it certainly gets my attention and I would love to see the endstate of where I am trying to go!

So, real world applications do intrigue me, and I tend to spend time dissecting or "war gaming" the situations, parameters, and conditions that surround them.

That's what military officers get paid to do, and that is how I am wired.