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Re: why focus on internal power

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that statement is quite accurate, William. While some may have used the ki skills as a neccessary component to *really* doing pretty much *any* asian art, I have heard repeated statements about how timing, focus, movement, etc., are all a part of *how* this is used.

No one is saying study this to the exclusion of all else. There are some people who have said that in their particular journey, they want to develop these skills first, and then go to dojo or whatever to focus on a particular art. While that would not be my choice, I can accept their reasoning, and would not overtly critisize them for that choice.

I understand both what you and Mike are saying and I agree with it. What I don't understand is why this aspect of practice or more accurately thier understanding of this aspect is used to bash the rest of Aikido because most Aikidoka don't understand the internal dynamic or don't practice it...and then extrapolate this premise to include that somehow if you are an Aikidoka then how can you practice or know anything about Aiki? LOL A circular argument at best.

That is the only psuedo-controversy that I can see here...Argumentum Ad Athoritium.

I do not doubt anyone who has the gift of Aiki but do they have to make such a gaudy display of it? LOL

Respectfully Ron & Mike,

William Hazen

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