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David Yap
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Re: AAA vs AWA

Jerome Cervantes wrote: View Post
its actually probably good that its written that way... in our area in chicago, there's maybe 5 really good quality aikido dojo. all all would i'm sure experience some 'radiation fallout' if the story was written 'correctly'
Hi Jerome,

You are reacting from the "Better you than me" syndrome. Think of the 10 other good quality karate dojo affected by the 'radiation fallout'.

I agree with Clark. This, indeed is a sad situation affecting all MA instructors not just aikido.

Many years ago, I witnessed a sexual abuse that took place during the class itself. The students in their after-class drinks even joked that there was (is) another purpose for wearing the loose & baggy hakama. Our one and only fellow student of the opposite sex never came back to class again. One of the guys who was then her college mate rang her and she said that she would never attend another aikido class after the "disgusting" experience with sensei.


David Y
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