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"Now, my question is... Why would you treat a newbie any less than you would treat someone with more experience? I would like to think you would treat me as you would any one else. Regardless of my "standing" in said community."

Nothing to do with standing. If I treated you the same as anyone else, you might lock up while being flipped and hurt your back or shoulder. You might not follow a technique and have your arm or shoulder torn. You might not relax properly when I applied controls and cause yourself unnecessary pain. You might dive headfirst into the mats during a roll and damage your neck.
I once locked up during a kotegaeshi and was unable to take weight on my left arm for three months.
Beginners are treated exactly the same in that people "feel" their body and react accordingly. Simply put, however, they cannot take the same abuse as more experienced people, so they don't recieve that. One of the original rules of O Sensei was to train at your own pace to avoid injury.

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