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Re: why focus on internal power

Unified Internal Power and the Bourne trilogy

I am constantly in awe when I think of my good friend and Judo teacher "Hal" . He was sought out in the 1950's to be in the 10th Special Forces when many of the 10th were comprised by ex-German SS troops inducted to teach the Army how to do it.

Sheep-dipped into the CIA, he survived Easter Europe, Hungary and then had his Bourne Identity experience on a mission to kill Fidel Castro.

He encountered his Bourne Supremacy experience soon after, losing his home, his family, his aeroplane, and everything else he held dear. All he had when I met him in 1992 was his love of Judo/Aikido and his well honed "shen". He would say, "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger." He legally fought the U.S. government to a standstill and did so without spilling blood, even though he obtained several battle scars (bullet wounds and knife cuts) in the process. The U.S. government assessed him as a threat and simply did not fight fairly.

For the rest of his life (he is now 72) he is experiencing a "stand-off" by way of his personal version of the Bourne Ultimatum. Again, he remains unstained by blood.

Hal is the guy that taught this martial arts student about an overcoming life is and what "meek" really means.