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Re: why focus on internal power

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Internal "guts" and the higher nature are, as I agreed earlier, of great value and weight, but, as I also pointed out, they work on the assumption that others can be swayed through reason and/or emotion, and will yield. In Gandhi's case, the British yielded because they were malleable. Because of their value system, they could be moved. Nazis, on the other hand, were not bound to that morality or value sense, and no amount of passive resistance would work on them. They would just shoot the passive bodies where they lay.
With all due respect Cady Please... Can you use a better logical fallacy that this one? I have heard it a hundred times and no... you can't compare the two anologies at all...

In some aspects of life, it is necessary to be physically powerful, because the opponent cannot be reasoned with nor swayed through his values and emotions. That is where the martial arts sphere exists, and why physical power and capability are crucial in Nature.
Again a false choice...It is not the differance between having or not having physical power It is the matter in which one uses it. The choices one makes...O'Sensei created Aikido to align with nature not in opposition to it...How does one "reason" with or "Kiai" a Tsunami?

Pleading for and attaining mercy, and the acceptance of one's subordinant position may be a survival strategy, but one must be content with accepting -- rather than forging -- the terms of the "agreement."
This is even stranger...Another thread Topic talks about how Budo prepares you for death...citing your anology how many times did Ghandi plead for mercy or "agree" to "accept a subordinate position"??? and how many Martial Artists do you know can survive being gassed or a bullet in the back of the head?

I agree with George...Internal Power is not the sole domain of the Martial Arts. Jesus died on the cross and look at the result. I wonder what would have happend had he used his internal power to destroy his enemies instead? I have said a hundred times It's takes more courage to love than to hate...for you (as you indirectly suggest) must sometimes put your own life on the line to connect with the "other"... Aikido is one of the few "Martial" Ways I know where I can practice that connection. If one develops internal power to do nothing but to have as a tool to destroy then I would suggest that the same person has allot more to learn about Aiki.

Again Cady my apologies in advance if I am a bit harsh I do enjoy reading your posts and have learned some good things too. So forgive me. You post is part of a conversation that those who would use the politics of fear use to exploit and color the debate about how best to connect with the "other." So hopefully I parsed this right.

WIlliam Hazen

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