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Re: why focus on internal power

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint John of the Cross, Theresa of Avila, Hildegaard of Tubingen, and Mahatma Ghandi all had this internal power and did amazing things with it. Neither did they negotiate from weakness. Yet, they had no martial training.

Whatever way we choose to build internal power, let's do it with balance and compassion.
Hello Mr. Parkerson ( or Chris ),

I'm gentled to read your well spoken posts. They are truly wonderful and I'm glad you didn't jump ship when the online 'resistance training' began in relation to your thoughts....not that you would.
I could try to paraphrase what I'm hearing from you in my own terms, but it would simply serve to say that I independently have reached the same platform or bridge,if you will, of understanding. I too hear and feel the resonances of the times and know that our production of good ki is an essential ingredient in the recipe of world preservation.

And, perhaps my own ego is speaking here when I say, if one would look back at some of the posts that I've written about self-defense they would find a discussion about men and women defending the health and the lives of women by tuning up our vibrations in practice. Not to say men don't need it. I'm just watching women I love suffer at unprecendented rates and then die. It almost got me, too.

So our thoughts must change by whatever balance each one of us needs to strike. Each one. Not by arguing, right, but by turning our own cheeks by turning to our practices again and again.

And if y'all would indulge me for just another second about this turn the other cheek thing I would like to say that the Christian point of turning the other cheek is to demonstrate to another person that they cannot hurt you and therefore that person remains innocent due to our ability to connct to our fortified core. Again, this isn't an idea; It is a product of practice. It is a product of peace.


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