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Cady Goldfield
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Re: why focus on internal power

Internal "guts" and the higher nature are, as I agreed earlier, of great value and weight, but, as I also pointed out, they work on the assumption that others can be swayed through reason and/or emotion, and will yield. In Gandhi's case, the British yielded because they were malleable. Because of their value system, they could be moved. Nazis, on the other hand, were not bound to that morality or value sense, and no amount of passive resistance would work on them. They would just shoot the passive bodies where they lay.

In some aspects of life, it is necessary to be physically powerful, because the opponent cannot be reasoned with nor swayed through his values and emotions. That is where the martial arts sphere exists, and why physical power and capability are crucial in Nature.

Pleading for and attaining mercy, and the acceptance of one's subordinant position may be a survival strategy, but one must be content with accepting -- rather than forging -- the terms of the "agreement."