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Re: why focus on internal power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Whenever a discussion on internal power comes up it turns into a fight about personalities.
Why do people seek internal power? Are we trying to beat each other up in a new way?
Interesting...none of the seminars or open sessions that I have gone to have had anything to do with people beating each other up in ANY way. So my question to you is, what venue have you gone to where Internal Skills (TM) were touted and people behaved that way? If you haven't gone to one of the venues, then how exactly are you qualified to speak to what was on display?

Internet discussions about where the weight should be (front or back foot), what is the angle of the feet, whether you should block or not, all show a great deal of personality and ego. Are you saying that it exists only for Internal Skill (TM) discussions? If so, I beg to differ...

It is not some magical power.
Ah, even in the internet discussions here, who said it was??? I think I smell a red herring...

The cult of personailty and ego is distracting and meaningless. But it also seems like people are missing the point. Why become very strong in body if your mind and spirit are staying mean?
I agree...and it seems the internet is full of personality and ego. Yet when I've taken the time to go and meet people face to face, I've seen very little of this. Strange, isn't it?


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