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Chris Parkerson
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Re: why focus on internal power

So maybe we can leave the whole "but shouldn't internal guys be wide-eyed nirvana chasing lotus eating buddhas" image alone and just focus on the skills.
I have seen people "turn the other cheek" out of fear and then try to acquire the acclaim of others as if they suffered humiliation for their "faith in some form of nirvana". If one turns the other cheek, it should be done without fear or it is really not pure compassion.

We should not negotiate out of fear but we should never fear to negotiate. Negotiation comes from strength. But strength must be balanced with compassion or it is some ugly form of bullying or self-acclaimed godship.

Rob John, I think I sent you the parts of the eopolitical world that I am currently meditating on. Come March 15, let's see how things develop.