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Related to this topic,

I've noticed a lot of singaporean yudanshas wear a kinda 'foamy/spongy' knee supports. Everyone of them swears by it that it will help prevent injuries to the knee allowing you to train peacefully into old age.

I'm 26, i've got a lot of years to go. I don't want to end up tearing my knees apart in one session and having to limp the next 40-60 years or so...

The question is, are this knee supports medically proven to prevent injuries to the knees cause by repetitive impact either from front rolls/standing up, breakfalls to the side/impact to knees and leg, knee bends in the warm up, prolonged periods of seiza and knee walking, suriwaza and hammi handachi techniques? The next question is, are they restrictive to performing techniques.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm now encountering a lot of injuries. I don't know why... maybe through over exertion, maybe of forceful nages employing bone breaking strength techniques... my wrist is like almost gone now that I'm thinking of using boxer wraps on them.

I hope you guys can help... maybe colleen's medical advise? I'm using wrist and ankle supports now but have as yet to use the knee supports because they feel too restrictive. But I will if i'm convinced they're life saving. Thanks.

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