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Hi Chris - caught me in a trap of my own making. I thought "generally" would get me out of it.

Like I said I guess the problem is always the case when one tries to over-rationalize Japanese Budo especially in limited space and with limited experience beyond your own area.

By the way how is your Golden Week going - no way am I travelling. Doing some hiking in the hills around here but that's about it.

Originally posted by Chris Li

Hmm, Aikikai was founded and led by a pre-war student of Aikido...

Hikitsuchi, Sunadomari, and Shirata - all extremely philosophical (much more so, IMO, than the average Aikikai person) all trained before the war.

For an even more philosophical style than Aikikai, check out Noriaki Inoue, one of the earliest (and possibly the longest) pre-war students of M. Ueshiba.



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