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Re: Daito Ryu's Aiki

Daito ryu has the same issues as many Koryu. Finding those who get it, is a case by case basis. Rank and style are no indicators of skill. Further DR is not subject to "style" differences in the same way Aikido is- where they pretty much still all look alike. In DR they are very distinct in syllabus and level of aiki. And just saying that. Stating it openly, will create denial and trouble.
All-in-all you have about as much chance of getting a DR guy to discuss details regardless of what he knows, as you would of any other Koryu adept openly discussing their art. Ain't gonna happen. Go ask a student of KSR-if you can find one- how the spear is trained in their art? You'll get used to the sound of crickets real fast.

To place it in context I'll tell you a true story in the koryu community.
There was a koryu guy who reached a high level in an art. He was a personal friend of the head guy and trained for twenty plus years. He started openly teaching and morphing waza without permission. They booted him. A few years later, when someone asked the head guy about this man, his former friend, he replied. "Who? I don't know anyone by that name."
So, good luck. While the art can demonstrate tremendous power, I see no chance of getting information openly. Further finding anyone who has taken DR internals and worked it in modern fighting formats such as Judo, wrestling and MMA, is rarer still, almost unique. Upon questioning the typical response is going to be "If you want to know the art-go study."
I've no problem with that. It appears there is little merit in discussing details of things on the net anyway.

As for breath techniques and or solo waza. Yes they exist, and you can recite major honcho's who have extensive solo regimens. They are just not openly discussed. And just about all the big guns discuss breathing techniques or "breath-power." It is known term in the art. And there are specific exercises to connect the body through breathing with aiki-in-yo- ho. That said, at a point you can have the connections and the breath training is not critical in the same way. Hence, Sagawa's probable comment.
Anyway, good luck in your attempts to get Koryu people to yak with you about their stuff. And poking fun at folks who really don't get it, yet are convinced they do is sad as it really isn't their fault. On the other hand, some truly do know things but will not talk about openly anyway.

E-budo thread
Curiously, that thread generated an unprecedented hit count and a readership of dozens of people in DR from all branches, from all over the world.. More interesting were the private correspondence! Those telling interesting stories and expressing frustrations, agreements, some knowing they were not being taught “the real deal” many questions and requests for meeting and a general dismay at the closed attitude prevalent in the art. En example would be I was present when one Aikido teacher from N.Y., amazed at the power in DR, asked a Japanese DR shihan "Why don't you teach more and let people know this stuff?" His reply was (paraphrased) "They don't need to know. I don't care if they know. If they want to learn-they come train.

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