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Chicko Xerri
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Re: Visiting Japan on May

Hello Manuel.

You will be very busy in Kamakura. Kamakura has many wonderfull and expressive sites to visit and May is one of the better months to visit. Good weather for sight seeing and Keiko. Hachimungu, the Dai Butsu, Bamboo Temple, good food, many bars and not over crowded. Kamakura is full of history and Information is every where. You will have no problem finding all the great spots to visit.
Higashi Totsuka is the home of Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan and is only the 5th station away from Kamakura. Also visit Ofuna only 2 stations away. Ofuna has the Budokan, Martial Arts Centre, it also houses the Aikido Dojo of Takeda Satoshi sensei who is one of the senior A.K.I. instructors. You should not miss one of his classes.
You will have a great time Iam sure. The Kamakura AKI and Higashi Totsuka Members are a wonderfull group of people. You are in for a wonderfull treat. Good Luck and give my regards to all.

Chicko Xerri A.K.I. Fudoshin Dojo Australia.
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