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OK I can see where this is coming from but with all due respect to Draeger - the distinction between Do and Jujutsu does not really exist. He was trying to introduce certain concepts to a Western audience, succeeding and failing at the same time. Still if it works - go for it.

Even though the web site is short - there is quite a bit I would disagree with mostly with its description of Shodokan (Tomiki) styles - great emphasis on sport indeed. I guess the problem is always the case when one tries to over-rationalize Japanese Budo especially in limited space and with limited experience beyond your own area.

I do understand the desire to separate from the more philosophical bent associtated with Aikido. Styles founded by pre-war students of Aikido generally are far less concerned with this side than Aikikai for example (are more pragmatic) - yet they still refer to themselves as Do.

Thanks for the clarification Brain or should I say Brain (love typos like that - great come back Kami).

Originally posted by particleman151

I found a good site regardign bujutsu.

I think this explains why sensies teaching are based on a concerned with pragmatic effectiveness and self defense.


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