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Re:, a new forum for discussing all the "internal" stuff

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I would contend that they are regular body mechanics from my short experience.

However regular people have not figured out how to do seemingly very simple things efficiently with those mechanics.

Once I saw and felt someone move very efficiently, transferring energy from the ground through a very focused point of contact, it makes sense. Nothing unusual or irregular about it. I am sure you could explain it all with physics if you took the time.
Absolutely. I've said that myself, many times. Now how about that emitted ki qigong? What do you think about that? You have to understand that it's actually a part of the same phenomenon, although I'd have to talk a while to make it clear (which I ain't a-gonna do, because it's way ahead of where the discussions are).
Problem is, at least with me, is that my mind, body, reactions, and proprioceptions all get in the way of that happening. Removing those things is what I am working on now, so I can do those regular body movements.
Can't ask for more than that. Don't you wish you'd known about this stuff a long time ago?


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