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Re:, a new forum for discussing all the "internal" stuff

Timothy Walters Kleinert wrote: View Post
I have opened up a new web forum specifically for discussing "internal" training and the aiki arts, At the moment it's pretty empty, but you have to start somewhere.

Below is my intro to the site. You can read more about it [here].
Good luck! I do have one observation and hope you will take it in the spirit intended:
Internal-Aiki forum: wrote:
... there have yet to be any scientific studies on the phenomenon.

For discussion on this forum, there is one definition that all participants MUST adhere to:

Internal movement is different.

It is different from modern western sports science. ... We can still argue about what exactly is behind internal movement (specific biomechanical processes, mystical energy, etc.), but as moderator, I will not tolerate any discussion that argues or otherwise implies that internal movement is simply "regular" body mechanics.
There are scientific studies of "regular" body mechanics, (which are, in fact, weirder physically than one may assume from perception or a generally intuited model of those mechanics). You acknowledge that there are NOT similarly done studies of these things that you contend are NOT "regular mechanics. As a result, you are making an unsupported conclusion, in advance of those objectively determined facts, that these things are NOT "regular" body mechanics.

This is simply to suggest to you that foreclosing that body of available knowledge may not help your inquiry. If you tried instead to to falsify such studies that are available, you may actually SHOW that the things you are observing are in fact "different" and CANNOT be "regular" body mechanics -- if it can be shown. Then you would be doing much to contrast the two and therefore doing much to actually illuminate the object of your study. Or, conversely, you might actually end up providing corroboration of the hypothesis that it is not, in fact, different. Which of those conclusions is more likely correct cannot be rationally judged at this point without doing that work.

I wish you well in the effort, and again, I hope this criticism is taken constructively as it is intended.


Erick Mead
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