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"So, what happens at a seminar where people from a lot of difference places gets together when someone watches a person with a hakama as a good example?"

Confusion happens. That question can be used equally well to enforce both sides of the question over who should wear them.

It was somebody else mentioned hakama and big headedness (a brazilian, I believe.) I really don't think, whatever they might think, that beginners can tell when they see good aikido. Frankly, I'd be wary of anybody with less than five years training who claimed to be actually able to define aikido well, and I include myself in that category. A beginner can be wowed by a shodan, and then see them practically toyed with at a seminar by a higher grade.
Perhaps we should just say (yawn) "Observe the rules of the dojo you're in," which of course we all do anyhow.
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