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Re:, a new forum for discussing all the "internal" stuff

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Now you just have to chum the waters or throw some bear bait over there to attract the Dans, Mikes and Arks of the world.
Somehow, I doubt that's going to be a problem...

I think it's a good idea. One of the biggest problems I have with 'these' discussions on aikiweb is that they always seem to deteriorate into an argument that this line of study is worthwhile/different/you-have-to-feel-it. It gets very tiring if you know that's where it's eventually going to go. I call it, "The Curse of the Baseline Skillset Thread!" Always reminds me of the end of "Time Bandits" where the kid yells, "Mum, Dad, don't touch it, it's EVILLL!"

I know a lot of folks in these threads are also over on Qijin, but I'm more interested in internal skills specifically WRT aiki arts, not in and of themselves. I'm hopeful for the new forum, and honestly think Aikiweb may be the better for it too.

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