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Timothy WK
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Offline, a new forum for discussing all the "internal" stuff

I have opened up a new web forum specifically for discussing "internal" training and the aiki arts, At the moment it's pretty empty, but you have to start somewhere.

Below is my intro to the site. You can read more about it [here].

Quote: wrote:
Over the last few years, a fascinating discussion has developed in the aiki community about the very nature of "aiki" itself. This discussion has linked the mysterious power of such greats as Sokaku Takeda, Morihei Ueshiba, Horikawa Kodo, and Yukiyoshi Sagawa with the type of "internal" body mechanics typically associated with Chinese arts such as Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. Though this idea was initially received with a fair amount of skepticism, an increasing number of practitioners are coming to view these body skills as the critical missing link between today's aiki practice and the much-sought-after abilities of our aiki forefathers.

As such, I believe the discussion has entered a new stage. No longer must proponents always argue for the existence of these abilities, or explain how these body mechanics differ from those the general public is familiar with. Rather, there is a growing movement among students of the aiki arts to seek out individuals who can demonstrate these abilities, and when possible, to begin training in them as well.

But despite the excitement surrounding this movement, the task to acquire these skills have been difficult for many. Due to the unfortunate rarity of qualified teachers, many individuals are forced to train at a distance, meeting up with teachers at seminars or on a personal basis a few times a year. But even when individuals are able to find experts in their own local area, many times these teachers are practitioners of non-aiki arts, leaving the individual with the task of incorporating these newly-learned skills and training methods into their pre-existing aiki-curriculum.

So with this all in mind, I have opened Internal Aiki. I hope it can be a place where those studying internal skills can discuss their training experiences, and where curious individuals can receive quality information on this type of practice.

--Timothy Kleinert
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