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Re: Receiving Corrections

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I don't mind being corrected. I'm also a musician and I've had some very demanding teachers. However, I have a hard time when someone blocks me in aikido practice. It makes me frustrated during class, makes me lose my concentration and I feel terribly insecure after the lesson. My sensei tells me that it's no big deal to have someone block you, that he had it happen to him in Japan at Hombu all the time (even though he admits it used to drive him crazy then too!), that I should just try and focus and gently find my way out of being blocked. But I always seem to fall back into the same negative thoughts on how my aikido doesn't work, what an impossible art this is, how I'll never get the hang on this, etc...
If you hang around aikido long enough, there will be the day when you yearn for people to block you. look forward to it and love it.

A trick I learned from my sempai: laugh out loud
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