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Dan Austin
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

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Hi Dan,

What folks should understand is that it just doesn't matter. People will do what they will do. People can do what they can do. This ceaseless picking on the board goes nowhere. One day folks might get that...but by then there will be newbies along shortly to start it all over again.

So what counts? What folks can or cannot do, in person. How much or how little and whether or not they are open to learning.

Ron (if they are not, don't waste time, it's fairly precious)
Hi Ron,

Oh trust me, I know. I find ego amusing. It is annoying because the sniping can make people unwilling to share. Mike Haft hasn't shared anything, so he's no loss, but Mike Sigman is obviously willing to share what he knows. I think it's going to be a typical reaction. The writing on the wall appears to be that these skills are valid and not well known, so the people who are currently teachers in Aikido have a choice of reaction. Some will get excited about it, as the people who have gone to see these gentlemen show, while others will be vested in their teacher status and not want to start from square one. Of the latter there will undoubtedly be a subset who will claim that they knew these skills all along, and who will be furiously training to try to get them before anyone discovers that they didn't know them all along. Such is the state of humanity with all that peace, love, and harmony stuff.
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