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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
As a random observer and connoisseur of egotistical Internet postings, I would say no. I can see how Mr. Sigman's posting style would ruffle feathers, but he does answer questions and people did say he provided excellent material in person. It seems he can walk the walk. I've yet to see anyone who's met one of the Internal Guys(tm) come back and say they already knew what they did, so your implicit claims are rather dubious. All you've done from the get-go is intimate that you know everything he knows. The most suspicious and illogical part is that since you've never met him, you can't even know what his set of skills actually consists of, ergo there is no logical basis for your position. So, implying that you know them is rather silly and puts the ego squarely on your end, if you're interested in keeping score.
Thats just plain wrong. I've usually been known to imply that Mike is probably better at this stuff than me by virtue if nothing else that he's been at it longer, same for other guys too. I've also got no interest in promoting myself as being some great IMA master, nor have I done so. My point is however, often that it takes a large ego to tell someone from another art that they're doing their own art wrong. Its not something I'd do.

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
Perhaps when there are people who have met you in addition to the Internal Guys(tm) then we'll see the names Dan, Mike S., Rob, Akuzawa, and Mike H all mentioned in the same breath.
Thats not a list I'd particularly want to see my name on.


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