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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
But then again, most Aikidoists have seen those exercises at some time and most Ki-Society dojos have them as part of their syllabus. Most people don't understand them, do them wrong, or do them with some major gaps. I pointed them out numerous times on this forum as being fine exercises, once someone knows how. Your position has always been that you already know and do all this stuff, so I say "go for it".
Yes, thats been my position. Your response to me saying that has almost always been to lump me into a category of people who say they do these things but don't actually do them. Until we happen to meet up somewhere I doubt it'll ever be resolved and I certainly have no interest in arranging a 'Workshop with Mike Haft on Ki in Aikido' and promoting it on the internet as I'd mostly see that as a self-promoting exercise, and I've no interest in that really, I'd net even be particularly interested if someone else wanted to arrange it and invite me, its just not me. However I understand you have your reasons and that they aren't bad ones either.

In this case however, I am genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on say, funakogi undo, the first exercise demonstrated by Tohei Sensei in that clip after the wrist exercises (IIRC that is). I figure you've been doing this stuff longer than me and even though you're primarily a CMA guy and so there are some differences between ki-aikido and what you do, it'd be interesting.



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