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Re: Poll: How inspired do you feel in your aikido training currently?

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Aikido is fundamentally a MARTIAL art. Honestly the whole argument you hear of "ohhhhh well we study aikido to NOT get into fights" is complete garbage, im sorry. I used to think the same as you "effectiveness will just...come" like one day it would just show up or something. Do you seriously believe that? You honestly think with the training you get now you can you can reach this magical invincible plateau when we are taught that uke has to follow and we need to be in harmony? Its nice in the dojo but in the real world...i dont think so. The point is not "how often are you attacked by x or y" the point is from a MARTIAL point of view i think Aikido is severely lacking, unfortunately what we do have is a LOT of this hippy "aikido is the martial art of love" bullshit which ruins it imo.

I dunno maybe its the old pre-war Yoshinkan style O Sensei in me talking.
Hey, Andrew. I didn't tell you, that I don't have effectiveness I told you that you would have some too, if you practice properly. The martial part of a martial art is as important as the art part. So we must concentrate on every aspect of aikido of course. This is not a plateau but a mountain. You will get things step by step not by a jump. If you want to. If you want to fight before you are prepared then go and fight. But I don't recommend aikido for that, because almost everything is easier to learn than that. You are impatient and far from being a senior with ikkyu. Someone (maybe Tamura sensei) said shodan means that you are not a guest in the dojo anymore... So what are we talking about? Revise your goals and find another dojo or martial art if needed. But I think it's better to find other goals.

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