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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Seminars? Videos? Exhibitions? Are these trappings required to "prove" that someone has skills worth learning? Why not do as Stan suggests? Makes sense to me.

And, why do you have to ask where his students are? Do you expect them to walk around with advertising sandwich boards?There are quite a few people -- some of whom post on AikiWeb and have rank in an established aikido system, and so who are qualified to make judgements on what they experienced -- who have met and trained with the man. Some of them have written on AikiWeb about it. In fact, I think there is a lengthy thread, or maybe even two threads, on just that, over in the "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" forum. But each and every person who wrote about this set of skills, and who all agreed that it is definitely important, and definitely what aikido should be but overwhelmingly is not, was blown off and ignored, as though they had written nothing of consequence. The silence was deafening. I'm curious as to why that is.
You completely mis-read my post... Let me clarify...

1. I do not for a second doubt Mr. Hardin's Waza
2. He is free to doubt mine...
3. His Waza is not the only one that has the kind of power he suggests Indeed I have experianced it several times myself.
4. A good practice is one where in order to keep it One must give it away aka the Bodhisattva Way. Hence the line about Students Seminars and videos...
5. A man like Dan who is this good should get out more.
6. In my experiance the two threads you mentioned are important and our Aikido already teaches these skills however since in Dan and Stan's Case both 1 and 2 apply so why bother?
7. I am not "worried" about the fact "Mainstream" Aikido does little to teach these skills since "Mainstream" Aikido is moving towards our Philosophy of Waza... Simply put Our Aikido MUST (not should) work against other Waza in order to be considered a Martial Art...
8.Dan has nothing to prove to me and all Stan is doing in my opinion is diluting Dan's credibility with his endless Fan Boy Adulation...

My Aikido Sensei's are some of the best Martial Artists I have ever experianced and my "experiance" goes back to 1967 when I was a boy...That being said the only thing that has been "lost" among most folk is the fact that the Martial Arts and Aikido are only as "effective" as to what you put into them...

I feel no need to tout the "Awsome Aiki Power" of some of my Sensei's... What I need to do is to learn from them.... understand the deeper meaning of thier Waza.... and then pass on what I have learned to the best of my limited abilities.

They can speak for themselves...and at the end of my life (as they have taught me). It is what I have done with Aikido that folks will remember me by... not so much what I said...Nishio Shihan's words would be meaningless without the history of his Aikido and Japan thought enough of his contributions to award him thier highest civilian honor before he passed away.

That is the kind of man whose Aikido I wish to emulate not just someone whose figured out how to use his own mojo. I know PLENTY of those folks.

Bowing down to you Cady...

William Hazen

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