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The soup is deep once again.

I still have a ton of questions for my sensei and am sure that for every answer there will be another three. I've figured out that I don't need an answer to everthing right away and if I wait a bit one of two things happen.

1.) the question is answered either by sensei or someone else.

2.) the question is no longer important.

I personally am a bit suspicious of your sensei (for the reasons Chris stated) but its a funny thing - if you keep at it one day your true teacher (if he hasn't already) will present himself. With a bit of experience under your belt you will know it.

Originally posted by deepsoup

My 2 euros worth of advice:

Dont bother.
If you enjoy the training (and it sounds like you do) dont worry about it, just train.


Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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