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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

There are folks here who will vouch for Dan Hardin's practice so I don't doubt his abilities.

His opinions however are like mine... Blunt with a taste of the Irish....

I am not fond of "hero" worship and Stan indirectly brings up a good point actually. If Dan is such a good teacher Where are the students?

Who out here on the West Coast has Dan taught? Why aren't there more Seminars, Exhibitions, and Videos?

I have been there and done that in spades brother and I have personally met a number of the posters on this board Watched them practice taken Ukemi from some of them

What good is Dan's "enlightenment" if he chooses only to share it with a "priviledged" few? That is not the Bodhisattva Way...

I say this with respect and the same questions can be asked of me. However I do not have folks like Stan running on the various Aikido Forums touting Dan as an Aiki-God and my experiance in Aikido can be replicated by hundreds and thousands of folks who choose to practice hard.

O'Sensei made Aikido availible to everyone... Some his students took it and and did fantastic things with it. That is the way it should be...I personally know 5 of Nishio Shihan's Senior Students who have the ablities Dan talks about. The "Hiding in Plain Sight" analogy was something Tanaka Shihan ( he's featured in Shoji Nishio's videos) told me years ago. I have experianced the kind of Aiki Dan talks about and you would be surprised what this fat old man can do...LOL I have seen this essence in Robert Nadeau and some other Senior Teachers of the old Hombu style. It's there right in front of you. Do you have what it takes to grasp it? And if you do... will you be corrupted by it... or will you follow O'Sensei's path and share it with the world???

So back at ya Dan and Stan....I think it's just wonderful the two of you understand Aiki but unless something changes soon (and you both know what I am talking about) It will mean nothing when you both turn to dust.

I have been or am a member of a number of "Elite Super Adventure Clubs" I have walked with giants. and the one thing I have noticed and understand from all the "Super Adventures" I have had???

They follow the Bodhisattva Way....That is the way of Aiki my friends...Everything else is just your hungry ghost.

William Hazen
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