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Akuzawa Sensei Seminar in the DC Area/Aunkai

I am excited to announce that Akuzawa Sensei, founder of the Aunkai, will be visiting the Washington DC area on May 31-June 1 to teach a two-day intensive seminar. Spots are limited, so reserve your space soon!

Akuzawa Sensei has developed a unique approach to training from his extensive background in Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Rather than focusing on specific techniques, he and his students work to develop the martial body itself, thus forming a core set of body skills that the practitioner can apply to whatever form of martial art they choose. This seminar is open to all interested students regardless of what art they currently study. Below is a detailed summary of the material that will be covered over the two days of the seminar.

For more information about Akuzawa Sensei and the Aunkai, please see their website at Additional information on the Aunkai is available on this thread on AikiWeb:

The seminar will take place at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia, located 20 minutes from both Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National Airports.

Saturday May 31, from 10-5pm, and Sunday June 1, 11-6pm

$180 dollars includes both days, with substantial discounts available for full-time students. Registrations recieved after April 15 will be charged $200.

Hunter Lonsberry at hlonsberry (at) to reserve your spot.

*** Main Topics of the Seminar:
- Understanding body principles at a physical level.
- Understanding the importance of working out to "correct the body".
- Explaining the Aun method of "framework of power" .

*** First Day:

- Explain how to train, balance, and correct the body.

- Introduce exercises designed to increase and strengthen awareness of the body's correct frame.

- Through basic/foundational training, explain in depth the nature of "connecting the body as a whole".

- Exercises to increase the potential of your body's movement.

- Partner training will be explained and shown that is designed to allow both parties to understand how the skeletal structure is supposed to correctly settle and react.

- "Agete" otherwise knows as "Kokyu Age" exercises will be introduced as a means to "input power"

- Contact exercises designed to bring awareness to how the body reacts under duress and correct itself through a continuous process.

*** Second Day:

- Review of the first day. Akuzawa will then personally give a hands on check to each and every participant and correct their frames individually.

- Understanding the basics and principles of movement through the exercises of Juji-kou and Shintaijiku. These exercises emphasize the creation of an internal "cross" in the body in order to understand what the body's physical centerline is, and increase the range of motion of the body with the "internal cross" in place.

- Explanation of the principles of "Hard/Soft" within the body. Understanding the use of proper power with an opponent.

- Demonstrations and results of constant training in the principles taught over the two days will be given by Akuzawa with any willing participants.
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