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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

William Hazen wrote: View Post
This has been my experiance. The purpose of the Aiki Arts is to develop this kind of "power" Aikido uses it for a different "result" than Aiki-JuJitsu.
Hmmm.. Actually I'd say that the aikido I have seen only uses part of the power of the aiki of Daito ryu. And that mainly to cast away or project. Daito ryu has distinct training to either *draw* people across their body lines or to draw them in-in ways I have not ever seen used in aikido. With the exception of Shioda. And he was trained by Kodo.

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Practice Aikido as much as you can.... with all the effort you can muster...If you do this you... like some others here...may have a good chance at discovering and experiancing the "secret" to Aiki,,, which by the way... is hiding in plain sight....
WIlliam Hazen
Well I think we have pretty much seen the result of sixty years of training with all the effort you can muster. The Aikido seen today is the result of that. And most of the Aikido practiced today broken, and desperately needs to be fixed.
I would be interested in seeing, or meeting, with anyone in Aikido who can model the power I have been discussing with any clarity and consistency under stress, and to do so with polish *outside* of their waza. In fact with no waza at all. Just to see if they had anything in their bodies.They should stand out like a beacon against all the budo wall paper out there.

Secret of aiki hidden in plain site?
Actually I don't agree that the secret of aiki is hidden in plain sight, and never did. Rather the *result* of training aiki has been shown in plain sight, and it was THAT which was withheld from most students; either through Intent, or through incompetence. In the end, most people have had to be introduced and shown just what to look for-in plain site- as they didn't have a clue what they were seeing.
Anyway, who cares, in the end it is by and large-absent today. The real task is not even in finding who has it. Who cares! It's finding who can and will take pity on all the students and actually teach it.
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