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Joseph Madden
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Re: Poll: How inspired do you feel in your aikido training currently?

You make some valid points regarding aikido. To often the atemi used in some classes is insincere. In other words, there is NO force behind the punch. And since atemi is 70% on any fight, its rather useless to practice something that has no "weight" behind it. When I first started aikido a couple of years before you, I got cracked in the head, nose and chin a couple of times. They weren't huge hits, but it taught me enough to remember to block. And for those times that I didn't I took it. Chris Johnson even bloodied my lip once and I kept going. Of late, to many students are either to nervous and/or reticent about hitting or being hit. In the past students like that would leave if they didn't have it or couldn't take it. As the owner of a dojo Sensei must be cognizant of the fact that he has to have so many students to keep his dojo open. Some of them are gonna be, for lack of any other word; wimps. If you are in a class where it seems like some much "dancing" and your not feeling threatened then maybe it is time to seek other avenues. I know that I will use my abilities as best I can if the need ever arises. I may take some lumps. I also know that I will give as good as I get. That's all apart of taking care of yourself. I feel that Sensei has given me the tools to protect myself. How I use those tools is strictly up to me. Whatever road you decide to take I know you will succeed. Best of luck.


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