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back pain and aikido

Hello all,
in my first post here, i was wondering (especially from some of the old yudansha) what steps folks have taken to relieve or prevent strain on the back during training. I've been an uchi deshi at my dojo for almost a year now, and while the day to day training has not necessarily worn me down, I have started to notice a general soreness in my (lower) back that, while it may have started a while back from a certain high fall that I can recall with clarity, now it just kinda lingers and even seems to be agitated during weapons practice in particular.
With regards to weapons, and especially the jo, I have come to notice that over-extension (forward) can definitely put a strain on the lower back, but in general it seems hard to put proper extension (sensei and sempai always talk about the importance of extension with weapons) in the suburi without tightening/clenching/compressing the back. How can one do both things at once?
Also, in general, my observation of yudansha who have been around the block is that back pains--especially lower back--are quite common. Does this say more about Aikido in general, or more about particular habits that people develop during training that are hard to overcome. If it's the latter, what are those habits?
I want to have a long Aikido career, and I hope to gather some wisdom from som folks who know the ropes.
Thanks in advance.
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