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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Doesn't work? Anyone who understands it and is doing it right can stop very substantial aggression and power in its tracks, and toss em, or down them and hit like a Freakin truck with any part of their body.
I think the answer is to stop doing Aikido and learn to do, the way it was supposed to be done. Its holds tremendous promise in the hands of the right people.
This has been my experiance. The purpose of the Aiki Arts is to develop this kind of "power" Aikido uses it for a different "result" than Aiki-JuJitsu. I would prefer to see the exact opposite.... Practice Aikido as much as you can.... with all the effort you can muster...If you do this you... like some others here...may have a good chance at discovering and experiancing the "secret" to Aiki,,, which by the way... is hiding in plain sight....

The problem lies not with "doing Aikido" but in how one does "it"

As I have mentioned a dozen times If it appears that your Sensei does not understand this "secret" or cannot demonstrate it. Time to move on.

WIlliam Hazen

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