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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Good thoughts Kevin.

I found when training with Dan, that the kind of power he displayed is what makes Aikido as jujutsu work against all kinds of stress. Putting the Aiki back in the Do, so to speak.

I re-affirmed that with Akuzawa and Rob John.

And now with Mike, though his perspectives and training differ somewhat.

Some combination of correct body structure, the ability to return uke's power along the same line of force (effectively bleeding their strength and then responding with power in the gap created), issuing even more power from the ground as needed (as with the heel bounce)...these things, to me put the Aiki back in the Do, and bring jujutsu alive. Understanding that the waza is not the important part is a HUGE step.

I hope in a review of the seminar to put together some thoughts regarding the 3 experiences, and to maybe get a jump on plotting at least my own course forward in my training.


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