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A foreign girl in Sagawa dojo??

Recently I bought a book, 'The Truth of Sagawa-den Daitoryu Aikijujitsu' by Takhashi Masaru shihan. As far as I know, Sagawa
sohan didn't accept any foregin student beside Paul Wollos.

In the book, there are many photos but some photos were quite interesting. Because Sagawa sohan was applying techniques to a foreign looking girl(around 18~20 years old..) Subtitle says it was a training session with 'Japan Culture Women's College Daitoryu Aikijujitsu-kai' The girl was wearing black belts. So it seems she spent much time at Sagawa or other dojo.

She could be half japanese? or There is no rule without exceptions?

ps. how's Sagawa dojo thesedays? still nobody knows?
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