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Originally posted by particleman151
Im really dont get why he calls it bujutsu because all M.A. after WW II became do(example, ken jutsu to kendo).
Hello P'man,

(In the Adrenal Stress Training thread you asked me to respond to this thread regarding the naming of the aikido group I study with.)

Well, I can't speak for Obata Kaiso and why he choose to name his aikido organization 'Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai', I snipped some text from the website that sort of explains this:


Renowned Martial Artist Obata Toshishiro Sensei, a seven year uchi-deshi (live in student) under the late Shioda Gozo Sensei, relocated from Japan to America in 1980 to develop the foundation for a research organization, called the "Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai" (or "Aiki Buken" for short)*. The purpose of this organization is to accurately rebuild concepts and techniques from the older styles of Aiki no jutsu used during the Samurai times, as well as to study and continue to develop the "softer" styles of modern Aikido.

Aikibujutsu refers to older styles of Budo, or Martial Arts, of the Samurai. Tanren is the process during the forging of a sword in which the blade is hammered and folded , reducing the carbon content and eliminating impurities to create a strong foundation for the remaining steps of forging. Kenkyukai defines as a research organization, or society.
Aiki Buken also incorporates bo, tantojutsu, sword work based on Shinkendo & Toyama Ryu, low kicks, Shorin Ryu blocks, so it really would be misleading to call it "Aikido".

I don't know if this helps or it's what you're looking for!


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