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Mike Sigman
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I don't think that our higher, proficient shihan in aikido are trying to keep it a secret, maybe they simply do not have teaching skills to transmit it efficiently or something like that???
Hi Kevin:

I agree. Some of the shihans have good skills in these things, some have only a smattering, and so forth. But it's certainly there, even if only in bits and pieces.

The main thing that happened this weekend is that a number of people got to see and work with something that many westerners considered mythical. But they got to see it, do it, feel it, consider it in terms of Aikido's tenets and principles.... so suddenly they know what it is, at least to a reasonably extent. So there's no longer this question of "does such a thing exist?". That means they can see which way to go in their own explorations instead of wasting years wondering anymore if it even exists.

Another point is that they now have enough feel and experience behind them that they'll know who, when they touch them, really has ki/kokyu skills, who just has a few rudiments that is being passed off as the Full Monty, and so forth. In other words, a lot of the confusion about which way to go will have cleared up.

In terms of techniques, it's now going to be possible to tell who simply "does good external technique" (no matter how 'subtle' those external techniques are) and who can do good technique while also using Ki skills. It will probably be both a boon to Aikido and a curse, because it's going to take some of the Santa Claus away from the idea that all shihans are equally capable or equally "have these skills". Now some people know what to look for and they're going to start doing what the informed martial artists in Asia do all the time.... go around looking for who knows what about these skills.

But you know, it's a ray of sunshine (IMO) for Aikido.


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