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Talking Re: Poll: How inspired do you feel in your aikido training currently?

Inspiration missing………………… then you must be in expiration! We can't expect to continue to inhale . At some point we have to use what we have taken in to that point and exhale; then inhale again (find new inspiration).

I'm continually breathing.

On the point on effectiveness and functionality of aikido for "fighting" I'd say my last fight was in grade school and I'm almost retired at this point in my life. I know those Karate and Thai Boxers are tough but the "real" ones I've met, are nice people. The other ones I avoid or give them my wallet!!!!!!

Our Sensei is giving a seminar at the end of the month on "fighting/self defence" and as he has said to us , and I paraphrase, " this will not be Aikido this will be self defence."

I can't wait to fight dirty for a weekend and then go back to what I love, and that is the art of Aikido.


Andrew Barron
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