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Mike Sigman
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
I believe what Mike is referring to is that shoulder strike he does...I can now say that there is no way in H_e_double_hockey_sticks I want to EVER get hit with that.
Hi Ron:

I just wanted to point out that there is a very good chance that Shioda, if he had been closer to my weight, etc., would have done a shoulder-strike that was at least *similar*. He used a shoulder strike, but he was so diminutive (hey.... mass counts, most definitely, even when using the ki of Heaven and Earth. ) that it may not have been so obvious. Plus, he certainly wouldn't be trying to kill his Uke's, so I'd put him down as a definite maybe. Secondly, I'd note in a quote by Miyamoto Musashi that he mentioned a shoulder strike capable of knocking someone far away, as a fighting technique.


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