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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Franco Cuminato wrote: View Post
I was going to start a new thread with the title "Mike Sigman's reign of terror is over" , but I guess I'll just post here. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to teach and to Budd and the rest of the organizers for putting the event together. It was great. I find it strange that threads on the topic of "internal strength" ended up in a forum named "non-Aikido martial traditions", as if internal strength were some miscellaneous subject not really pertinent to Aikido.
It's a simple fact that the folks who have the most to say on this subject are not Aikido folks, although Mike has an Aikido background. This is one of the problems, I think. It is folks from outside our art who have the most to say on the issue. While the subject is definitely pertinent, it is much cleaner to have the discussions in which the primary source of information is from outside the art take place under this heading. That way we can skip all of the "what are your credentials in Aikido that you are telling us what we should and should not be doing?" nonsense.

The whole point of these discussions is that Aikido as an art has largely lost the exercises which develop the kind of internal power the Founder and many of the old time deshi had. Putting the discussions here lets the Aikido folks who want to know a place to share the ideas and those who don't want to know can be happy talking the art in other ways. It just leaves people less upset this way.

I am glad the seminar went well... wish I could have gone but I was teaching elsewhere the same weekend. To much I want to do and too little time to do it...

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