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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

Chris, are you powering your sword with your right arm, methink, it's your dominant arm? seemed to me you did, but I could be wrong. Looked a bit stiff holding the sword, the tip of the sword tends to point above your partner head. also, your sphere seemed to collapse (don't know if I explain that correctly) when you draw back for the cut. If you want to capture or connect, then, personally, I would use the taichi sword approach. if you hold something hard in your hands, then you need to be soft, and vice versa. When we locked sword in kenjutsu, our approach usually included "pop" the other guy, slide back and cut down at the same time. The "popping" action could be timed so that you hit the other guy with the back of his own blade. but then it's kenjutsu, at least what I learned, where the only rule is whatever sticks out you slice it off. interesting exercise though. food for thought. thanks.
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