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Talking taught me to laugh

During our training, my three boys, ages 9, 7, and 5 will quite often break out in enormous giggles. This used to always get a sharp look from me that said, "You better staighten up, or else!" That is, until one class, when I was doing my exiting backward roll, that I did not end up where I had expected, and delivered a good swift kick in the face to my own 7 year old.(He was fine, no injury) Well of course the whole class broke out laughing, but it was when sensei said, "You have just developed a new technique, pretty good for a newbie.", that we all, my 7 yr old and myself included, had to hold our bellies and laugh. For the most part we are a serious bunch, but it sure is better to laugh at our embarrassing moments, then to cry or get angry.
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