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Re: Yoshinkan Aikido?

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Hey guys,
I was just wondering if anybody had trained in yoshinkan aikido?
I've been training in yoshinkan for just over a month now, and as this is my first experience with aikido I'm not sure how much help I'll be to you (since I have nothing to compare my training to), but I'll give you a few impressions.

Please keep in mind that my experience is most certainly colored by the instructor's style as well:

We focus much less it seems on the spiritual aspect of Osensei's orginal aikido, and more on tactics. We do quite a bit of work on Boyd's Cycle and stress training. There's also training in command presence.

The training itself is probably somewhat rougher and has more emphasis on developing physically overall as well as within the martial art. For example, we do about an hour of PT before we start training.

After watching videos of several aikido styles, we seem to have a "sharper" movements rather than the flowing methods of other styles. Attacks are most definitely committed and one can certainly get hurt if they're not on their toes.

Just to reiterate, the instructor and the advanced students are mostly cops/retired cops, so some of this may be local color. I hope I was somewhat helpful, but I encourage you to look for answers from those with more experience than I.
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