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Originally posted by jimvance
I find it humorous that by championing the idea that "purposefully inflicted pain is abuse", that myself, my teachers, and my culture have been judged as wimpy without having a clue to our principles, methods, or ability.

Jim Vance
I am not sure where did Jim find any allusion that him, his teachers, or his culture are being judged as wimpy. I can see here mostly interpreting others' posts too liberally and also trying to play the victim.

I don't know Jim nor his teachers, but having seen his website, I have no doubt that they belong to the hard side of aikido since they are originated in Tomiki style. But again, this is only an impression, and I could be wrong.

I myself said that the new generation in aikido is wimpy because it lost the meaning and value of hard training, and the pain which is inevitably associated with it. I have seen this so often and believe it applies to the majority of aikidoists. Fortunately, not all, otherwise I won't stay in aikido. In my dojo, less than 50% could be described as wimpy, maybe due to the fact that we have a high percentage of young highschool and university students who really want to practice hard. But I have seen other dojos where the entire class is like that, and you can imagine the frustration of the teacher.
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