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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Business and Budo

For several years, I taught a (1) one unit security course at Grossmont Community College. It barely paid me anything. I was given no per diem or sabbatical funds for my own preparation. There was no way I could come close to the skill, experience and resources available to a tenured professor at a major university.

This is a major rub. Funds, time and resources. Again, cudos to you Ledyard Sensei. Cream floats to the top in the world of business competition.

I had a dojo for several years... in an effort to to play the 40-50 hour training game. So much of that time was administration. I hated to teach beginners... especially when I knew how many were wasting my time, i.e. willing to treat it as a modern contract where they would drop out on a whim.

I finally found another way. I work as a contractor making great money. Then I go home for weeks or longer. I train all day to stay in shape for my next job. I go out and find Yudansha that want to train like I want to train. Of course, I do have that great wife with a government job.
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