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Hi Brandon,

I understand how you could hear harsh criticism of your sensei in Kami's words, but that's because you're new to the forum...I don't know what Kami does, but I think of him as an Aiki historian, you will find his posts often to be extremely factual, and often related to minute details of history and linege that put lazy fools like me to sleep (that is sleeping, not ignoring ). I'd bet he was just trying to help you avoid, as Chris also pointed out, that to many the term "Aikido <anything> jutsu" would be considered a 'non-word'...probably will get less flak if you tell folks you study Aikido under an independant sensei, and if pressed for the style, mention it's kokikai roots. Unless you are looking for a fight, I might also suggest not telling the fellow Aikidoka it differs from his Aikido in that it is effective, as his is not.

I think sometimes we forget that all students, but very often beginners, can take criticism of their style/sensei as much to heart as questioning one's mother's behavior. And I'm sure everyone just had your best interests in mind.
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