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Thanks for the very negative feedback Kami. It appears that if you dont understand something you just put it down.

Also any martail art can be a effective defense. If you think that Aikido is all about Harmony and peace you are greatly mistaken, Aikido is at its heart a self defense.

When O Sensie first invented Aikido it had some pretty nasty stuff in it. Aikido is from Aikki Jutsu and Daito ryu which are both deadly martial arts.

Aikido Bujutsu is a Japanse martial art based on the techniques from Jjitsu, Kendo, Judo and Jo-staff. I think that as Aikido evolved into a more soft martial art over time and Aikido just brings it back to when it was in its infancy. Yes it may not be all Aikido but it is based off alot of its moves.


A true warrior uses the greatest weapon... The art of Peace.
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